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EZ-Seal® top seal & adjustment system

This product is available on FluoroSeal® Sleeved and Lined Plug Valves in ANSI/ASME and DIN standards. In fact, all DIN valves up to DN 150 come fitted with the EZ-SEAL® (patented) as standard.

This innovation places FluoroSeal® Plug Valves at the leading edge of technology in the industrial valve market. The EZ-SEAL® offers 360° simultaneous and even compression adjustment of the packing and plug, eliminating side loading. Visual indication takes the guess work out of valve adjustment and remaining service life diagnostic.



  • No special tooling needed
  • Signifcantly reduces recordable leakages
  • Visual diagnostic
  • Extended service life
  • Allows for easy maintenance planning
  • EZ-SEAL® Bracket and EZ-SEAL® Lock with a wide range of ISO mount patterns and five locking positions are offered in 304 SS as standard
  • Allows direct mounting of actuation without inhibiting visual verification of stem status


Design Features Summary

  • Single point frontal adjustment system
  • 360° simultaneous and even compression of top seal and plug
  • Plug adjustment is linear, impossible to side load
  • Tapered stem for increased sealing capabilities
  • Visual Min / Max cam adjustment indicator
  • Combination formed metal diaphragm and static eliminator
  • ISO mount stem
  • All-in-one ISO bracket and locking device, as standard
  • All components are high precision investment cast
  • Explosion-proof stem design
  • Positive shutoff

For more information, download the EZ_SEAL® Sales Sheet.


EZ-SEAL® Assembly

EZ-SEAL® Adjustment Bolt

EZ-SEAL® Bracket

Jacketed Valves

The bolt-on Fully Jacketed Plug Valve with standard flanges eliminates the need to oversize piping flanges, translating in tremendous savings to the user.

Among other features, the ease of installation allows any FluoroSeal® Plug Valve to be retrofitted in-line in process.

FluoroSeal® Plug Valves are also available with Partial Steam Jackets. Choose accordingly to the application requirements.

There’s no limits to the possibilities: all FluoroSeal® valves in all trim materials are available in either a two-way or multiport versions, with partial or full jackets.

DIN Fully Jacketed Plug Valves are available upon request.


Fully Jacketed 3-Way Plug Valve

Welded Partial Jacket

V-Port & Characterized Plugs

FluoroSeal® Plug Valves are also available with Characterized Plugs for fine control applications. Standard V-Ports in 60° and other custom configurations are available in all trim materials.

V-Port Flow Diagram

V-Port Plug


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